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Tools for your social media revolution from as little as 82p per day

Here are just some of our clients pages.  These people use our Marketing Support Pages to promote their businesses through their own social media activities.  You dont need to have a web site, but you do need to have twitter or facebook.  Its powerful and effective in helping you to keep your message out there and your potential clients informed.

Pertwee and Back - A Ford Approved Repair Center

Essex Extreme Bodyworks - Ambulance Repair Center


Bridge Automotive Academy - Midlands based Training 

Emily's Vintage Cakes - Cake Baking & Afternoon Tea


These businesses, know and understand the power of social marketing and how to use it to move their businesses forward to stay ahead of their competition.   You can use your page(s) for so many things from 'Special Offers' on a baking class, to ' Staff Recruitment' for expanding businesses and the beauty of it is, it costs you very little and you can change it every month to promote something new or a different part of your business and there is no extra charge.  Its your message, your brand and your social media activities that power it, we just build it and maintain it.  Its not a website, its far more portable, effective and active in responding to your social media activities.


For as little as 82p per day - you could be ahead of your rivals 

with a Social Media action that grows your business, FAST

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